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Autofill of broker credentials in TradingView Desktop app

Quickly draw a 10-level grid on your chart with our open-source tool. Our grid tool offers a unique solution to traders looking to maximize their profits in volatile market conditions. With its advanced features, you can create customized grids based on your preferred start price and line distance, allowing you to easily execute trades and capitalize on price… You can smoothly zoom in, zoom out and scroll through the graph with your cursor.

Many stocks and crypto’s hardly move or move so much that the spread makes it impossible to make money. As a result, the traders usually have to siphon through hundreds of stocks and cryptos to find the right ones to trade, which is #1 quite annoying and #2 takes up a lot of precious trading time. These tools, some of which you have to pay for on other sites, will https://www.xcritical.in/ save you a huge amount time and make your trading life a whole lot easier. Just like forex factory, Tradingview has a fully functioning economic calendar that shows all upcoming news events along with their predicted impact on the price. A bunch of different forex sites are sources here, so you tend to get a good mix of both current and future information.

An extensive volume of fundamental data for all major stock exchanges. This is a Quarterly Returns version of Monthly Returns in PineScript Strategies by QuantNomad

This script shows a table of Quarterly/Yearly performance of your strategy. All you need to do is copy the table part and paste it at the end of your script

… Over there you can create conditions for the alert on almost anything from indicators to simple drawings, or even a particular value.

  • Find the most common indicators under “Built In’s” at the top.
  • I’m a price action trader, so I had to put this on the list.
  • Tradingview saves all your charts to the cloud – hence the icon – so you can quickly switch between them.
  • We’ll try our best to adapt our list to your needs and add in more until you’re satisfied.
  • However, it’s important to understand what each one does, so you know how to use the charts properly.
  • I’ve used a few paid testers in my time – Ninjatrader, Forextester 4, to name a few – and this almost matches them.

Some aren’t as quite as useful as the others – flat top/bottom, anyone? – but it’s nice to see Tradingview go the extra mile and add ones we probably wouldn’t use or otherwise know about in our trading. To access them, head over to the line tab below the cross-hair selector.

How do you customize drawing tools in TradingView?

I sometimes use this to keep little reminders on what price is up to, in case I need to get something down quickly, but you could use it to keep a trading plan or even as your own personal trading diary. All your notes get saved to the cloud, so you don’t have to worry that they’ll get deleted every-time you leave the site. Screen assets according to new highs and lows, biggest percentage gains, indicator changes… really advanced stuff, considering it’s free. If you decide to connect your broker to Tradingview to trade directly through the chart – more on this in a minute – the order panel (black box) is where you can place and view open orders.

3 default templates with the most popular tools and indicators are also available, but it’s better to create your own in my opinion – more customizable, you know. Open up the tab, and you’ll see 4 mini tabs, each containing a different set of tools and indicators. Indicators contains all the technical indicators Tradingview provides… and it provides A LOT. All the basic indicators we know and love feature and Tradingview also has an exhaustive collection of custom indicators created by the community. Click the little bar icon to change the chart type, like I showed earlier.

The circles show the time of the announcement, and the number tells you how many events are set to be released – click the circle to get a small description of each event, and its predicted impact. Finding the levels doesn’t take long, but marking each one on the right price gets old… fast. Suffice to say it’s the place you’ll be spending most of your time. Personally, I don’t use these much – I’m more of a lone wolf type of trader – but they are there if you want to use them.


Compare companies by fundamental data and their performance. Speak with traders from around the world and never trade alone again. Broadcast your trading activity live, or publish analysis as a video idea. Rewind markets and review at a speed and resolution you desire.

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And if those don’t tickle your fancy, select the brush tool to draw a freehand shape. The first (and easier) way is to right-click the price, technical indicator, or level you want to set the alert on and click the “Add Alert” button from the menu. The other way is to open up the Alerts tab and manually enter all the information yourself.

Drag this from one point to the next, and it’ll show the pips, days, and weeks it took price to cover that distance. The magnifying glass below (2) lets you zoom in and out of the chart – you can do this with your mouse wheel, so it’s kind of unnecessary. Remember, you need to use the correct tool for the right trade type. Don’t use the long position tool when you have a short trade open, as the levels won’t show in the right place.

Just as you land on the Charts page, you’ll notice the candlestick graph of a random stock, futures, crypto, forex, CFD, etc. You can go to any stock of your choice by just typing https://www.xcritical.in/blog/xcritical-chrome-extension-overview-of-convenient-trading-toolbar/ the name of the stock. As you start typing the symbol search bar will automatically appear. TradingView is the world’s most popular charting and technical analysis platform.

In properties dialog of the instrument enter your initial account size and risk amount (either in absolute numbers or as a % of your account size). Ideal for thorough market study, your crosshairs will move in tandem across all your displays. Plus, you can switch the ticker on every tab with just a single click. TradingView Desktop allows you to set up and restore your multi-monitor workspace without any of the limitations browsers traditionally face. TradingView has a great alert system that can be applied to almost anything on the chart. On the top of the graph, there is a ‘Create Alert’ option signified by a clock.

We’ll go over these in more detail later on, so you can see how they work. The top menu contains the basic options for changing the chart, like switching between pairs, changing timeframes, selecting different chart types, etc. Head here first to get your chart set up ready for analysis. Any tool has style and visibility settings at different timeframes. You can change them in the menu that opens with a double-click or using the “Settings” button on the floating panel.