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Creating a Twitch Command Script With Streamlabs Chatbot by Nintendo Engineer

After you sign up, your account will automatically tie to the account that you logged in. Nightbot is the most famous bot on the entire Twitch platform. If you have been around Twitch for a bit, no doubt you have either heard of or used Nightbot. It’s perfectly compatible with Twitch and YouTube gaming and is an all around great bot to use. Again, these are some of the best, and most commonly used bots on Twitch. The more complex a program is, the more complex the bot functions.

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Now that we have gone over what Twitch bots are and what are some the things they can do, let’s jump into what some of the best and most commonly used bots are. Now that we have described what Twitch bots are, let’s dive into to even more detail. Because of Streamlabs’ less-than-ideal history, many have chosen not to support the platform and not use their tools. However, there’s no denying that their tools are quite useful and are some of the best around at the moment. At first, this might seem stupid and useless, however, it gets the chat going as it’s also fun, like I’ve said, drinking water has truly become a meme, and a big one at that.

Streamlabs Chatbot

But generally, all you need to do to remove a Twitch bot is to ban it from your channel. To do that, simply type “/ban” and then the name of the bot, and then send it in the chat. If you made it into a mod, metadialog.com unmod it after banning it from your channel. Once you’ve banned and unmodded a Twitch bot from your channel, they generally can no longer connect to your chat and won’t be able to post messages anymore.

How do I program Streamlabs Chatbot?

  1. Step 1: Go to Twitch to Open a Bot Account. In order for this to work, you first need to go to Twitch and open a separate bot account.
  2. Step 2: Return to Streamlabs and Find the Connections Tab.
  3. Step 3: Generate a Token.
  4. Step 4: Connect Your Account.

StreamElements is one of the leading streaming tools for Twitch that has everything a streamer needs to create and monetize their content. It offers free overlay templates, a merch store, a media share system, and, of course, its very own chatbot. The StreamElements chatbot has several modules and features that are both fun and helpful for your streams.

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For this reason, most chatbots will ask you to give them moderator permission on your channel so they can perform their tasks effectively. Fossabot offers moderation tools that help you build a healthy community on Twitch. It protects your channel from spam, malware, and abusive comments from other viewers. It also lets you assign roles to members of your community and grant them role-based access controls. And the best part is that all of these functions are highly customizable — Fossabot gives you a dashboard that lets you tweak everything to your liking. Through this dashboard, you can also access audit logs, which show you all of the changes that have gone in your channel.

streamlabs chatbot macros

To be able to customize it, you need to have some knowledge of Java and JavaScript. If you’re a beginner streamer or are just starting out with Twitch bots, you might struggle to understand how PhantomBot works and how to integrate it into your streams. Also, it isn’t cloud-hosted, so you do need to download the bot to your computer before you can use it. The Streamlabs Chatbot makes both moderating your Twitch chat and entertaining your viewers much easier. The bot provides you with Mod Tools, a feature that allows you to easily automate the moderation of your chat.

Slap Command

Being able to delegate some tasks to mods you’ve chosen from your loyal viewers and friends is no doubt a huge help. However, your mods are human too, and they won’t always be around or available all the time. Chatbot Lyn helps you set up your own commands and allows you to turn Auto Mod on. With Auto Mod enabled, you and your viewers get spam filters (which you can also customize), link protection, and emote protection, among many others. You can also set up and manage a filter for banned words, phrases, links, and content. Essentially, Twitch bots are virtual assistants that make your life as a streamer so much easier.

How do I set up TTS Streamlabs?

  1. Once you're logged in, click on ‘Alert Box’ in the left side menu.
  2. Make sure your Alert Box isn't set to v2 Beta.
  3. Scroll down to the settings menu and click on ‘Donations.’ Then, click on ‘Open Text to Speech.’
  4. Click ‘Enabled’ to enable text-to-speech donations.

If Streamlabs isn’t the bot you want or if you want a more full-featured cloud-based bot, StreamElements might be right for you. StreamElements chatbot is available entirely for free, even with all the features included. There are many other features, such as the ability to create a special counter, set up macros, or do some Python scripting. You can even set up a loyalty point system if you want to have one on top of using your channel points. Well, all that this Twitch chatbot does is remind your chat users and yourself that it’s time to take a sip.

Mod Tools

All you have to do to activate the Stay Hydrate Bot is to type ‘! Hydrate username’ (obviously, you will replace username with your Twitch username) into your stream. This fun bot will remind you to stay hydrated at certain intervals throughout your broadcast.

  • So, let’s start by creating a mulder directory and within that directory, create mulder_StreamlabsSystem.py.
  • Having a lurk command is a great way to thank viewers who open the stream even if they aren’t chatting.
  • But like any other job, there can be challenges if you are new to streaming and engaging your viewers to live.
  • New users from our early testing session were completely overwhelmed.
  • Among the many features it offers is a highly reliable chatbot called Lyn.
  • One thing that Nightbot is quite well-known for is its extensive spam filtering.

First off, that log method looks kind of bulky and, as we’re going to use it more than once, let’s create a utility method to wrap it in. Logging what your script is doing and when it’s doing it is the fastest way to find out where a bug could be hiding (ready those flyswatters). Based on the outcome, we will send back one of two messages to the chat. Our command should state whether someone is extraterrestrial or not, based on probability.

Streamlabs (Cloudbot or Desktop)

According to Wizebot’s website, over 830,000 Twitch streamers are currently using their bot on their channels. As a moderation bot for your channel, Wizebot offers plenty of benefits right from the cloud — no download necessary. Phantombot can create custom commands, but it goes very deep with that.

  • It’s compatible with Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and a few more popular platforms.
  • If you’re already using Streamlabs OBS, then setting up a chatbot or a cloudbot would be simple.
  • They did this by progressively disclosing relevant information and not overwhelming the user at the start with all the customizations the software could do.
  • If you have been around Twitch for a bit, no doubt you have either heard of or used Nightbot.
  • Fewer relevant settings with less customizations and an overall easy UX to get up and running quicker.
  • The main reason to get a chatbot in your Twitch chat is that they make life much easier because you can delegate many tasks to them.

This bot cares so much about your health that it’ll help you stay hydrated during your streaming session. Sadly, you have to download this on your PC because there’s no cloud-based version available. PhantomBot is considered a grandmaster when it comes to commands and customizations. Wizebot is a very special bot on the Twitch platform, which unfortunately is compatible only with Twitch. It has gained a lot of popularity worldwide due to its unique features.

What is a Twitch Bot?

Promoting your other social media accounts is a great way to build your streaming community. Your stream viewers are likely to also be interested in the content that you post on other sites. You can have the response either show just the https://www.metadialog.com/blog/streamlabs-chatbot/ username of that social or contain a direct link to your profile. Just like with StreamElements chatbot, if you’re already using Streamlabs as your OBS, it will probably make your life easier to use the same brand for your chat bot.

  • Because of Streamlabs’ less-than-ideal history, many have chosen not to support the platform and not use their tools.
  • In this guide, we give you a rundown of the best Twitch chatbots that help you boost viewer engagement while building a healthy community on the platform.
  • Choose one that is relatively easy to use and that gives you the features that work best with your community.
  • While many compare the bots, ultimately the choice is up to you in which product will better help you entertain your viewers.
  • Again, these are some of the best, and most commonly used bots on Twitch.
  • There are options for macros, special counters, and python scripting.

You can integrate it with Discord, GameWisp, OBS, Streamlabs, and more. The bot also gives you access to your very own donation page. You can customize this page however you like, and the best part is that Deepbot doesn’t impose fees for the donations you get during streams. Simply click on the “Join for free” button on the home page, log in to your Twitch account, and the bot should be ready to use right away.

Tag a Random User in Streamlabs Chatbot Response

For example, if you’re having trouble sending mass messages, there’s a bot for that. Bots are there to make it easier for streamers and mods to perform certain tasks. One thing that Nightbot is quite well-known for is its extensive spam filtering. Yep — although Nightbot is quite helpful with spam, it can get a tad aggressive sometimes. Before Streamlabs’ bot came to be known by its current name, it used to be known as Ankhbot.

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Besides automation and moderation, Botisimo shows you important stats about your viewership. It monitors your engagement, your audience’s watch hours, and how many new viewers you have, among others. All of these are logged in your dashboard, where you’ll find easy-to-understand graphs that help you see how your streams are performing. If you’re just starting out with streaming, Nightbot is the best Twitch bot for you.